Our school recognises the great importance of regular attendance and the clear impact that absence has upon a pupil’s learning. Term and holiday dates are notified to parents well in advance. Additional days during the year for staff training and development  will also be notified as far in advance as is possible.


Where it is at all possible please make appointments for dentist, doctor, etc. outside school hours to avoid disruption and time missed at school. Please note that children arriving in school after such appointments and after registration are classed as absences. Other absence from school should be notified on the first day with an email or telephone call explaining reasons. Please do not use Class Dojo.

Please keep your child at home if they are unwell. Children should also be kept at home for a full 48 hours after any bout of sickness or diarrhoea has ended to ensure symptoms have cleared and also to prevent illness from spreading.


Holidays should not be taken during term time. Where absence is wanted during school time, it is important to  let us know in advance, however absence should not be requested  at the beginning of term as this can be detrimental to social groupings.

No requested absence will be authorised unless in exceptional circumstances. Significant unauthorised absence may trigger involvement of the education welfare service, or if extensive, a fixed penalty notice. 

The official Government guide to school attendance can be found  here:
We have good relationships with our families in school and aim to have dicsussions around attendance wherever possible. Overall school attendance is reported on our weekly newsletter to all families and individuals are contacted  should levels of absence become a concern to us.