Friday 26th February 2021

The end of another busy week for us all and some good news brought to us by Boris telling us that we can all return to school on Monday 8th March - we can't wait to see everyone again! We've updated our 'Return to School' page on our website. Please have a read through as a reminder to what we all need to do to help keep our school a safe place.
Today has been our 'Fun Friday Skipping Challenge' using the skipping ropes that everyone received through their letter boxes as a little surprise from school.
 We've certainly seen lots of competitive skipping with the staff and children in school today and lots of good progress!
We've sent home a little quiz to all children - it'd be great if you could fill it in and return it to school, thank you.
Thank you once again for your pictures of things you've been doing at home this week. It's always lovely to see them and be able to share with everyone.Well done for everything you've been doing -it's fab! I can see you've had lots of fun exploring transport, taller and shorter things as well as being outdoors.
Keep safe, keep smiling and keep skipping!