Literacy & Numeracy in our school.

We believe that basic skills in literacy and numeracy are vital to every child's education, enabling them to access all areas of the curruiculum and providing a solid foundation to their learning.

It is our aim that all children gain a life-long love for learning, encouraged by their achievements in literacy and numeracy.

Our methods of teaching in these core subjects allows pupil confidence to grow and reinforces positive attitudes to learning.


In literacy all children work in ability groups and follow the 'Read, Write Inc' programme - a phonics based scheme building on simple phonetic skills in reading and writing. Children make good progress, are assessed regularly and move onto more complex activities including extended writing and reading comprehension. A typical daily lesson will include short, well planned activities in reading and writing skills for all children. 

Independent reading is encouraged at all levels at school and at home. Our reading books offer fiction and non-fiction choices from a range of reading schemes including Oxford Redaing Tree and Ginn.


Most of our maths lessons follow the 'Hamiton Trust' and 'Abacus Maths'  programme, including core numeracy skills across the maths curriculum. We interject this planning with problem solving activities and number games, using ipads and other ICT recources.