The school day

Our school day begins at 8.50am when our doors are opened and all children are met by a member of staff. Classes enter and exit school using separate entrances to help ease congestion.
We have aassembly at 10.20am. Our morning break is 10.30am for 20 minutes.
 Our lunch is delivered by the Boe Rigg and served in our own school hall at 11.55am. We return to classes at 1pm.
We do our Daily Mile at about 2pm and our younger children have a break time.
 Our school day finishes at 3.15pm. Children exit school at separate doors to elimate congestion and ensure that everyone goes home with the right people- passing on any messages from staff about the day.
If there are after school events the details will be shared on our weekly newsletter (after school clubs are usually on Tuesday and finish at 4pm)