SEND - What we offer at our school.

We are a totally inclusive school and will always take the necessary steps to ensure that all pupils recieve the same treatment and have access to the same opportunities regradless of any disability or additional need.
 We have close contact with our families in school and seek to support wherever we can within the remit of school and our learning environment. 
Whilst we explain what is currently available as part of our daily school provision in this document we are also very proud of our 'nurture room' . This is a dedicated space in our school for some 'time out'  to reflect or focus on something outside the normal classroom perimeters. We are in discussions with the Local Authority to use this room as a local resource, looking at a Specialist Support Base principle and inviting others to share.
 Should you wish to speak with us about any aspect of SEND provision at our school please do get in touch and we'll be happy to show you around.